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Gear Style Wheel Locks Open

Gear Style Wheel Locks Closed


Cone Seat Gear Style Bolt Lock

Ball Seat Gear Style Bolt Lock


RAD Gear Style Ball Seat Bolt Locks 

RAD Gear Style Cone Seat Bolt Locks


RAD 99-9999-R Chrome Round Covers

RAD 99-9999-RK Chrome Round Covers KIT

RAD Gear Style don't forget the covers
99-9999-B Black Covers
99-9999-C Chrome Covers

19MM Chrome Bolt Lock Cover

Part# 99-9999 above

Chrome & Black plated covers for RAD gear Style bolt locks.


Each kit contains 4 chrome-plated for black finish bolt lock covers and 1 removal tool. They are packaged in a poly bag with an attractive header card....


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